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"Torque" Review

Opened on April 13, 2012, “Torque,” is a unique coffee shop in Vancouver, Washington.

The location is relatively good, as it’s only a block south from Esther Short Park. Parking could be better, because you have to park on the street, but that’s understandable as there is no parking space in front of the store and most people walk from Esther Short anyway. There is indoor and outdoor seating. The front of the store has a pretty mural next to it, and the food truck, “The Mighty Bowl,” stops at, “Torque,” as part of its rounds. The furniture is very interesting, and gives the place a comfortable, retro-modern feel. The building itself looks industrial, so it has a very unique ambiance. It reminds me of a nice little coffee shop in Portland. There were a few green throwback couches, retro-looking tables, a park benchtable, wooden chairs at the bar, and lots of local artwork.
To the food and drinks! You can either take out your order or sit and enjoy it.  I think that the drinks were a bit on the high side, but for a good cup of something, I think that’s what one would expect. I didn’t order any of the food, but there are really delicious-looking baked goods that they get from a place called, “Bake Shop,” in Portland, Oregon. I ordered a hot chocolate instead of the coffee drinks because I was frozen and didn’t need to be any more awake than I was. It was DELICIOUS and very satisfying. It was made with their, “special dark chocolate sauce,”. Whatever that is, it tastes really good.
501 Columbia St. Vancouver, WA 98660
(360) 771-2474