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Plato’s Closet Review


If you’ve never gone to Plato’s Closet, let me summarize the store in a nutshell for you:

It’s a slightly higher priced second-hand thrift store that sells younger/more modern clothes.

I like their selection whenever I shop there, because the staff take the time and effort to sort through every item that is donated/offered to them. Since it’s a buy/sell second-hand store, their version of “quality” is much ‘higher’ and different than other second-hand stores. They don’t accept any clothing that has tears, stains, or funky smells, and they always make sure to buy clothes that are in season and in style. I hate selling anything to them because of their ridiculously strict buying policies, however. Sometimes, depending on what day and which store you are in, the staff can be very rude and impolite (but I guess that’s how it is when you go to any store). All in all, it’s a great place to go to if you have extra cash and don’t have the time or don’t feel like sifting through piles and piles of not-awesome quality items at Goodwill. It’s also a great place to buy exclusively semi-newish items for a good price that you would usually buy from places like Forever 21 or Hot Topic or Hollister or stores like those.

My favorite things to buy there are bottoms, as they usually have great jeans and skirts that are in style (skinny jeans, colored jeans, drop-crotch pants, etc.). My second favorite thing to buy from Plato’s closet is the majority of their accessories. Their hair accessories (hats, headbands, etc.) are almost always really awesome quality and really cute. The belts they sell are usually really cheap and they have a great selection of them, though the prices can vary. They are almost never out of good quality, lower-priced scarves. They buy and sell jewelry as well, but they also have their own line of jewelry that they make and sell (you can find better jewelry at lower prices elsewhere, however). Their dress selection is also pretty awesome as well, and I have gotten a plethora of my dresses for the summer/winter/dances from there. The shoes are usually pretty good, and it saves you a lot of guess work when it comes to looking for sizes/color/quality/cleanliness/style, and they are priced pretty well for the quality they are in. My hip hop shoes almost exclusively come from Plato’s Closet because they sell awesome quality hip hop-esque shoes for really cheap compared to any other place I’ve been to. They have a LOT of tops and jackets for sale, but they are usually around 8-12 dollars each and the quality/style is usually not what I’m looking for, so I’d recommend that you don’t buy your tops from Plato’s, though they have wonderful, coloful tank tops for sale which you can never really find at Goodwill, so I’d say to buy the cheaper, colorful tanks in bulk when it is almost at the end of the season.

That’s another thing I love about Plato’s- their ever-changing line of clothing/styles they sell each season. They always have big sales near the end of the season to clear the racks of their almost out-dated clothes, and most of the time the remaining items are relatively good-quality, cheap items. I LOVE their $1 sales. I have gotten some of the best things from their $1 sale, usually because it’s labeled a “medium” but washing reduces them to a “small” (perfect for me, not so perfect for all of those girls who couldn’t buy it).  So if you are fine with buying clothes for next year or re-purposing them for the upcoming season, then I’d suggest shopping at Plato’s near the end of each season and stocking up on more modern items you wouldn’t necessarily find much of at places like Goodwill or Salvation Army.Check out new posts for pictures of things I’ve bought from Plato’s and other second-hand stores!