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“Watching the Waves at Midnight” Poem

“Watching the Waves at Midnight” by Jazmyne Bisquera

Souls belong to the water- buoys silently bobbing in place

That were thrown into the ocean and are drifting away.

Our spirits sing the sea’s siren songs,

The rumbling percussion of crashing waves

But bodies belong to the earth

Veins cling to the sand and bid us


Our hearts beat to the pace of the tide

One-two, Three-four.

Answer their call,

And meet me at midnight.

Poems, Writing

“The Thinker” Poem

“The Thinker” by Jazmyne Bisquera

One shoulder up,

One shoulder down.

A hand living humbly under your chin

And your right arm,

Resting on the chair,

Because it belongs there.

You are the God of sunsets

Master of midnight,

Lovechild of the Bermuda Triangle

And the promiscuous moon.

You are a child’s laugh,

Dreams, hopes, wishes

And Rubiks Cubes,

The smile on my face

As I watch the clouds float by

You are confusing and frustrating

And wonderful and lovely.

You are the one thing I can’t put my finger on

And I only wish that I knew

Just exactly how to understand you.