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Best DIY Presents!

I wrote this article a while ago for my student newspaper. The best part about this list is that you can make these presents during any time of the year! Check it out!
The Best Do-It-Yourself
Christmas Present List
Having trouble figuring out what to
get your family/friend/teacher/neighbor this year? No worries! Here are some
great do-it-yourself gift ideas for the holiday season:
A Car Kit
In my opinion, guys are the most difficult people to get a present for. Make
your dad, boyfriend, guy friend, male teacher, uncle, or grandpa a convenient
car kit they can use while they are is driving to work, while they are driving
to pick you up from school, or in the event if they get lost. You’ll need a
little bag and things to put in it, like Band-aids, hand sanitizer, gum,
tissues, a flashlight and a granola bar. You can customize each kit by putting
in different things in it or by decorating the front of the bag.
Teacup Candles
These candles are useful and dainty little gifts you can
make with a little time and patience. You’ll need a teacup, candles that you
don’t use or wax, a bowl to melt the wax, skewers, and wicks. You could go to
Goodwill to find different types of teacups for each candle to make it more
personalized. When the person is done with their candle, they can slide the wax
out of the cup, wash it, and use it for tea!
A Memory Jar
Memory jars are great homemade gifts to make if you really
want to make a special, individualized present for someone. You’ll need a jar
and memorabilias/notes/anything sentimental to you. Fill the jar up with things
that connect and make sense to you and the other person, like a note with an
inside joke written on it or a ticket stub of both of your favorite movies.
It’s an extremely customizable gift, and can be really thoughtful if you put
effort into it.
Why I Love You/Why You’re My Best Friend Card Deck
This gift is really sweet and heartwarming. You could give
it to your significant other or your best friend or anyone you really care
about. You’ll need a deck of cards, a hole punch, a pen, ribbon or something to
bind the cards together, and 52 pieces of paper to glue onto the cards. This
gift is also extremely customizable, and you can put cute reasons why you love
that person/are best friends with that person such as, “Because of the way you
Hot Chocolate Spoons
I like this gift a lot because they’re easy to make,
delicious, and unique. All you’ll need is spoons, melted chocolate, and small
edible things to put onto the chocolate. You could use M&M’s, marshmallows,
coconut shreds, broken candy canes, sprinkles, or chocolate chips. There are so
many different combinations of chocolate and toppings to put on the spoons, the
possibilities are endless! Plus they are so easy to make you could create a
bunch of them and give them away in little bags as presents.

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