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The Pride of a Teacher

(Background information:

I am the founder and president of my hip hop club at school. Since around…September?…I’ve been working with relatively the same students every week for an hour and a half on Tuesdays.)
When I started my hip hop club, I can safely say that every single one of my students sucked. They were literally…some of the most uncoordinated people I have ever seen when it came to hip hop dancing. Sure, there were some dancers trained in ballet or contemporary dance that joined the club, but they sucked at moving their body to hip hop songs and dancing hip hop moves. They were so horrible that I had to cancel our first performance because I didn’t want to be embarrassed by their atrocious dancing.
Since then, however… I am proud to say that they have improved. Immensely.
I was going over two of the dances we are going to perform on Valentine’s Day and putting formations to the dances. We blocked everything, ran it a few times without music, and then “performed” it in front of one of my friends who dropped by after school to see what we were doing. I was literally stunned by how good it looked. Everyone basically knew what they were doing, they remembered the changes I made in formations, and it just looked…so…great. I don’t even have the words to describe the feeling of pride I felt when we finished the dance. If I had a child, and that child got a full-ride scholarship to Harvard, I would know that feeling of pride I had for my child. I never knew how much gratification a teacher could feel until today. I now know why teachers do the jobs they do.

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