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Summer’s Goodwill Outlet Hall

I’m a girl. I love shopping. The only problem is that I hate spending  money on things. Solution? GOODWILL-FREAKING-OUTLET (also known as “The Bins”). If you’ve never been, Goodwill Outlet is basically it’s a huge building/warehouse where you search through bins of Goodwill castaways.

Before going there myself, I read many blog posts and watched many YouTube videos about the Goodwill Outlet. I can say without a doubt that almost everything that anyone has ever said about it is true. Yes, you should wear gloves. Yes, it smells pretty funky. Yes, there is a chance of sticking your hand in a bin and touching something you probably shouldn’t be.

BUT, if you are anything like me, if you love shopping and hate spending money, if you love helping out the environment, and (most importantly) if you love treasure hunting, then this is the place for you.

I’ll be posting a lot about the Goodwill Outlet (my hauls, tips and tricks, etc.), because it’s one of my most favorite places to go.

Over the summer I bought many things from the Goodwill Outlet. Below is only a FEW pictures of the things I got from there this summer, minus clothing (because I have so much clothing from there and I’m too lazy to take pictures of all of it at once) and things I’ve either given away/ebay-ed. All the pictures put together probably cost me around… $40? I’m probably estimating too high. The next hauls I’ll do, I’ll keep the receipts and everything so I can *cough* gloat *cough* to you how much money I saved. Anyways, here are a few of my summer Goodwill Outlet treasures:

Vintage Suitcases 

Vintage and etsy stores sell these for $25-60 each

Wicker Baskets

On ebay, the big bottom basket alone would be around $125 because it’s vintage and has leather straps

The large picnic basket on top would probably be around $35

The wicker basket purse on the left side is also vintage and has leather details, and I’ve seen similar ones sell on ebay for $50

 School Supplies

All of these put together cost me… $3?

Not sure retail value, but definitely more than $3

Vintage Boxes and A Vintage Ceramic Oil Lamp

The boxes at vintage stores- $5-15 each

Ceramic oil lamp on ebay- $20-$50

 Vintage Blue Taperlite Train Case

On ebay- $30 plus $15 shipping

 Toppers Brand Faux Leather Backpack

(My school backpack)

Can’t find one on any selling site, estimated price- $50



Fidenza Italian Glass Jar

On etsy- $15-30

Mason Jar Wine Glasses/Mugs

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