30 Day Challenge


And my teacher told us about a “30 Day Challenge” thing that people do. Basically, someone chooses a goal they will do every day for 30 days. Some people choose to quit smoking, to bike every day, to eat salad every day, etc. The “30 Day Challenge” encourages people to do something better for their lives and helps them develop a healthy habit for it. Me being the person I am, I decided a while ago to do 30 challenges EVERY DAY for 30 days. If you didn’t get that the first time, I did 30 challenges every single day for thirty days. Here was my “30 Day Challenge” checklist:




30 Day Challenge Checklist

[_] Eat something new

[_] Kiss someone

[_] Write

[_] Listen to a different song

[_] Compliment someone

[_] Talk to someone new

[_] Take a photo

[_] Cook a meal

[_] Watch a new youtube video

[_] Give someone a present

[_] Try to catch something

[_] Wear the color red

[_] Send a text

[_] Watch a movie trailer

[_] Read a poem

[_] Have someone lift me

[_] Quote someone famous

[_] Do a new gesture

[_] Do 1 push up and add one consecutively per day

      (i.e. 2nd day: 3 push-ups, 3rd day: 4 push-ups)

[_] Read a chapter from a book

[_] Untie/take someone’s shoes

[_] Dance

[_] Tell the truth

[_] The whole truth

[_] And nothing but the truth

[_] Learn a new word and use it

[_] Facebook stalk someone

[_] Drink tea

[_] Wear something different every day

[_] Pick up line

As you can see, most of these things are silly and interesting. After doing the 30 Day Challenge, I reflected on the experience. A lot of people were entertained by what I was doing, and a lot of them helped me out and inquired on a daily basis to ask whether or not I did all of my challenges yet. It was a nice experience to have, and I actually did develop some good habits from it. I tried a lot of new foods I didn’t think I would like, and some other foods I decided I would never try again. I helped develop a ton of skills (cooking, making movies, dancing, writing). My arms got more toned (YES!). I cycled through the clothes in my wardrobe and created a lot of new, creative outfits. And lastly, I found out a lot of ways on how to not tell the truth, but not lie. The “30 Day Challenge” is a great opportunity to make life interesting and better. You should try it!

Your friend,


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