My Ukuleles

Both are sopranos. The one on the left was a gift from my friend for Christmas, who said it was his old one and he didn’t know what to do with it anymore since he doesn’t play it. It’s decent but the strings need to be replaced and tuned. It sounds horribly tinny and gets untuned very easily. It’s also a pretty cheap uke, but I like to keep this one as back-up if I am going somewhere where my more valuable one will get damaged, or if my friends and I are going to have a jam session and one of them forgot theirs. The one on the right is my pride and joy that I got from my dad. He paid like…$27 for it I think, when it was originally priced for $90 (around there). His friend worked at the store he bought it from and was able to get a hey-can-you-give-me-a-better-price-because-we-know-each-other-discount. Even though it’s not as expensive or awesome as other ukes, I think the quality is fantastic for being so cheap. My friend has a ukulele her parents paid $235 for, and it sounds only a hair better than mine. I love the brown one to death and bring it along for jam sessions and concerts.
I don’t take lessons- I self-teach myself and watch videos on YouTube or look up chords on ukulele websites. I’m not a great singer, either, but I love playing and harmonizing with my better-singing friends.

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