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Getting Paperwork Today

This weekend I fly out to San Francisco to get my paperwork submitted for my au pair visa. I have to gather some additional things before the trip, which is what I’ll be doing today. I am going to go to Walgreen’s to get two passport sized photos and then USPS to get a prepaid express mail envelope so the Spanish Consulate can send me my passport back after it’s processed. It seems as if everything is in order.

I have some concerns about my paperwork. One of the requirements for the visa was that I get a doctor’s note proclaiming that: “the student has been examined and found free of any contagious diseases according to the International Health Regulation 2005”. When I went to go get that doctor’s note earlier last month, I was told by my primary care doctor that they couldn’t say that exact phrase in the note due to legal restrictions. So I have a note that does not say this exactly, but has documents with test results that say I’m free of particular diseases I was tested for. I am hoping that it is enough for the Spanish Consulate.

I also attempted to get a police report of myself from my local police department. I got an email with a PDF earlier that showed a police report and a note saying they do not conduct public police screenings for people. I don’t know if that is a complete police report, but I did everything I could to get one.

I have shelled out almost $1500 out of pocket so far to make this Spain trip a reality. I am hoping that it is worth all the investments I have made, because it would be such a disappointment for me and the family I’ve been in contact with if my visa gets denied. I wanted to have a year overseas to learn Spanish and explore a new country, and if it gets denied I’ll only have 3 months to go there instead. Hopefully things will fall into place and my work will be worth it.

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