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Anthony Bourdain R.I.P.

I was on Facebook today and saw this picture posted by one of my friends. As I near the ripe age of 22 and prepare for my trip next Monday, this quote connected to me a lot:

Source: Facebook – The Chef’s Circle

Anthony Bourdain was highly admired, a star chef, and a lover of life. He showed us the importance of traveling and adventuring and experiencing another person’s lifestyle. In witnessing his exploration of the world I was taught empathy and passion and a love for food.

Growing up, my mom and I spent little time together as she worked the majority of the day and wouldn’t get home until late at night. Most of the week I was either in school or with my grandparents, where we spent our television time watching game shows or sports. During moments where my mom and I would be able to spend time together at home, we took pleasure in watching Anthony Bourdain’s: No Reservations on the Travel Channel. My mom and I loved his poetic and raw outlook on life, and it was always interesting to see what adventures he experienced. I have many fond memories of us watching his trips together, reacting to the dishes he would eat (how we would want to try this or that someday), laughing at his (sometimes crude, but always real) comments, and wishing to one day go where he has gone.

Anthony Bourdain suffered from heroin addiction when he was younger, the same difficult struggle my late brother battled with. While they were both alive, Anthony Bourdain’s triumphs and long life gave me hope that my brother would beat his addiction and life an equally full life.

He also suffered from depression, but didn’t let that prevent him from experiencing the world as much as he could. I also suffer from depression and other mental health issues, but Anthony gave me hope that the world could be better, that I could accomplish and experience things that I’ve only dreamed of. It saddens me that his battle with depression ended this way.  I was told that he never sought treatment, dealt with it by himself without trying to seek help. I am grateful for the community I grew up in and the information I was given about mental health and depression, to be able to seek and receive treatment. No one should ever be pushed to this point in life, where they feel like there is nowhere to turn to.

For anyone reading this: If you feel like you are alone and have nowhere to turn to, know that there are always options to get the help you need and that there are people out there who will care and support you. The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255.

Anthony Bourdain, you fought your demons for as long as you could and inspired so many people to live their best life. My condolences and best wishes to your family and friends. Thank you for all that you’ve done to bring the world together.

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I’ve Been Away…

Hello again. I’ve been gone for a while… like five months or so… and internet time that’s like a few decades. I have a lot of catching up to do and a lot to fill you all in with.


The main reason why I dropped off of the face of the interworld was because I was mourning the death of a very close family member. I’m not going to go into that much detail about what happened or how I was during that time. If you know me personally, you probably know what happened anyway.


To be completely honest, the internet and blogging didn’t really seem like a good way to spend my time. I thought that if I were to blog about how I was feeling or what I was doing during that point in my life, that my blog would turn into one of those depressing, angsty, teenage drama blogs that everyone loves to read so much (sarcasm, if you couldn’t tell). So, I basically shelved my computer and my blogs and most forms of social networking. Since then I’ve been trying to cope and continue living life.
But after three months or so of being cut off from most forms of social media, I realized that I missed sharing my life with the world. I want to be able to share what I love to do and what I think about things with you all. And I know that most of you have probably stopped following this blog, but for those who haven’t- I’m back, and I’m hoping to stay.


I’ll be posting another update about what I’ve been up to over the summer very soon. Thanks everyone!

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Fame or Passion?

Today’s food for thought:

“People are too focused on being famous. You’re either passionate about being known or are known for how passionate you are. Which are you?” – Keone Madrid

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to be famous when I grew up. But when I read this quote from one of my favorite hip hop choreographers of all time, Keone Madrid, I seriously started thinking about where my priorities lie. It is true that I am in love with doing multiple things (acting, writing, dancing, making movies) that could lead me to fame and fortune. But I have to remember that I should be doing the things I love because I love doing them, not because they could potentially make me famous. Every now and then my drive and ambition is for the wrong reasons, and I need to make sure I keep my passions above the reward. I don’t know what I’m going to do for a career, but I know in a heartbeat that I will choose a career that makes me feel fulfilled and happy than a job that I hate and makes me a lot of money. Just my two cents.


Yours truly,


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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Most everyone in the United States knows who MLK Jr. is. Today is a day dedicated to the remembrance of all those people who fought for equality and the rights of all of humanity. People think that MLK day is just commemorating those who fought for the rights of African Americans. While that is true, one must also consider that the message MLK wanted to spread was the love and respect for ALL types of people. As MLK said in, “Letter from Birmingham Jail”: “Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. The yearning for freedom eventually manifests itself…” and “…we [need] to create the kind of tension in society that will help men rise from the dark depths of prejudice and racism to the majestic heights of understanding and brotherhood”.
I am not African American. Nor am I lesbian, gay, queer, transgender, or bisexual. I am not poor or disabled in any way. I am a healthy, middle-class, straight, Filipino woman who has an undying love for humanity.
No matter who you are or what background you come from, I urge you to look deep down inside yourself and ask whether you are discriminatory in any way. If you feel that you are, try to change that. MLK’s message of love and acceptance for all people is one we should follow and uphold.
Yours truly,